Ceramic Deco Donut Kintsugi Teapot
Ceramic Deco Donut Kintsugi Teapot

Two of my ceramic pieces have been accepted to the Newmarket Juried Art Show. The show will run from Oct 11 to 26, 2019 with the opening reception on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 – 7 to 9 pm at Newmarket’s Old Town Hall, 460 Botsford Street. This is a new art show and will be held annually. They had 223 pieces of work entered by 81 artists from across Ontario. From that, the jury selected 46 pieces from 29 artists. I’m really excited about this as it’s the first show where I will be showing ceramics instead of paintings. Thank you to David Kempton and Peggy Stevens, 2019 NJAS Co-Directors, for organizing the whole thing.

These are the two pieces that were accepted into the show. On the left, Changing Direction, and on the right Deco Donut Kintsugi Teapot. Both pieces will be available for sale at the show.

Changing Direction has a traditional looking form for the base and a free form, organic looking bowl top. It represents to me my change in artistic practice from two dimensional painting to working in ceramics after falling in love with clay a year ago. It’s a little odd, but endearing. (Kind of like me)

Deco Donut Kintsugi Teapot was a real challenge for me and caused me some stress. I’ve been a practicing artist for many years in two dimensional art but relatively new to ceramics. Teapots and donuts are considered very challenging forms best left to experienced potters, so of course I set myself this goal. My design for the teapot is also influenced by a love for Art Deco. Despite my efforts, the teapot cracked in the final glaze fire, so I then incorporated the Japanese kintsugi technique of repairing cracked ceramics with gold. I described my frustration with the kintsugi on my instagram post with colourful language. Although no longer functional, it remains a beautiful art object.

By Tanya Petruk

Movie Poster Restorer, Fine Artist

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